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I don’t like the recent upgrades that limited the amount of time movement is recorded.

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Insteadthereis a just a paragraph explaining that "our monitoring packages will bring you peace of mind".

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Trees should be trimmed up so burglars may not hide behind them.

Semergency buttons for seniors

Similar to the motion sensor lights that became popular and more common decades ago, home security cameras on today’s market often contain the feature of motion detection.

small business security camera system

Spotlight Cam Solar – Some consumers are looking for ways to move to solar and this Ring security camera offers that. It features an HD camera, with the two way talk feature and spotlights. But, it is connected to a solar panel that provides for non stop power. It features a rechargeable battery pack as well. This Ring security camera costs $229. Spotlight Cam Mount – This product is a hardwired security camera.

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Although we worry this could put it at risk of being stolen, that's irony for you.

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